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We are evolving as one of the leading civic engagement organizations across faith in New York City and State. Our organization is a collective of leaderships of different ethnic Muslim communities. The organization starts its journey to facilitate relations between the Muslim community and public representatives.

We are a 501 (C) (3) organization, advocating civic education and engagement. There are over a million Muslims live in New York. We are working hard daily to motivate them to vote and engage in civic and political process. We dedicated our efforts to continue voter registration, voting rights education, awareness to vote and reaching out communities related to the importance of participation in electoral process. Our programs and work scopes are evolving over the time based on the invaluable experiences of the Muslims community at large in New York.

As part of the greater fabric of New York, Muslim Community has set exemplary services and contributed like every other community. We aspire to champion the faith diversity and harmony of our New York and collaborate with fellow faith based civil rights organizations.